The Exotic Dark Beauty - Goths Fashion

         Goths are simply a small community of people who are comfortable with one another. Literally Goths are people who practice free thinking and not tied by the moral and social rules around him. People become Goths either because of some unpleasant experience from the society that makes him want to get away from it, or simply because he enjoys the free life of Goths. They stand out by the Goth fashion that is unique to them- that is dark and horrendous shades.
         A typical Goth fashion has a very dark and melancholic look about themselves with black hair, black lips and black clothes. Most of the time, the styles are genderless, with both men and women using cosmetics, heels and even skirts. Cyber Goth fashion is influenced by the gothic culture and also by science fiction. Contrast shades are used like black and white.
         They may have body piercing. Wigs and artificial plastic falls that are braided are used at times. Hair is styled in an absurd manner to suit the personality of these untamed punks and give them a futuristic look.
        Goths have a liking for wild, trance like club music and enjoy the night life. They are basically open minded and willing to have new members in their closely knit community. As this community is free of prejudices it consists of a large number of gays and people without conservative religions concepts and views. They are not reluctant to talk openly about topics that are taboo to the general society.
        Certain movies and bands like The Crow and the Bauhaus further played a key role in establishing Goth fashion as dark, dismal and even evil. The depiction of Goths in media has encouraged this community to grow to such an extend that every major city has a strong gothic community to their name, not to mention the huge number of Goth bands around.
        Despite the notorious nature of Goths in the society, one has to admit that Goths do have style. And because of that Goth fashion has become common among the youths too. The common misconception is that Gothic style means simply black clothes with black eye makeup and vampire-like look.
         The goth fashion came into trend in late 70s which stood out with their characteristic standing hair dyed jet black, shaved on the sides with pale skin, tight clothes and lots of silver jewellery besides tattoos and body piercing.
        These days too Gothic fashion uses black as the base colour, but it is contrasted with bright bold colours, weird hair dos and makeup and wild accessories. There is no hard and fast rule on what to wear to attain the Gothic look. You can experiment on whatever is comfortable to you, by using loose flowing clothes or tight trousers and corsets or a combination of both.
         Gothic fashion makes use of various gothic cultures, beliefs and lifestyles without any restrictions or boundaries, because of which it does not fail to make a fashion statement.

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