Punk Lolitas

           One of the main features of punk rock subculture is that punk cultures always emphasizes on punk fashion and a clothing styles that makes one look different from the rest in the crowd. From its beginning, punk subculture and punk fashion go hand in hand and involves everything like clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, body modifications and punk jewellery to enhance your overall punk looks. Punk Lolita is just one of the punk fashion trends that really created waves across the Europe and even United States of America. For punks, fashion was a way of making their bold statements.
          Punk Lolita or also known as lolita punk adds the style statement of punk culture into Lolita fashion. It is a blend of two different fashion trends which was very much in demand when it was in the inception phase and many fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren have promoted the trend of punk lolita and other punk fashions which have been popular at some point of time.
         The most notable thing about punk lolita fashion is that they have motifs that one might usually find in punk fashion and punk clothing like ties, tattered fabric, safety pins, plaids, screen-printed fabrics, chains, badges, buttons, fishnet stockings, mini-skirts, tattoos and dyed hair with unnatural colors to make it look stand out and funky. One of the most common garments that punk lolitas wear are blouses and skirts, although dresses and jumper skirts are also very much in trend. When it comes to footwear, many punk lolitas prefer boots and Oxfords with high platforms, also Mary Janes are a huge hit with the punk scene.
           Since punk scene and punk fashion are really very popular from its early days, there are many popular labels that cater to those who like punk fashion. Some of the popular punk lolita brands are A Lidel, NAOTO, Putumayo and Na H. With so many punk lolita labels in Europe and the United Kingdom, many Japanese punk lolita fashion brands prefer to take some inspiration from London’s Camden Town markets. Today, punk lolita fashion has really moved into mainstream Hollywood and many males too have taken up the Punk Lolita fashion.
           Although, punk lolita fashion is popular throughout the world but it still remains one of the most challenging styles of Lolita to pull-off, because it requires a lot of knowledge about how to fuse the Lolita fashion with the Eastern punk style.

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